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See us at MAAFS May 23-26 in Pittsburgh

Join us at MAAFS for two workshops and stop by to see what's new in our forensics line of analytical and imaging instruments. We will demonstrate our Scanning Electron Microscope, the IT100 InTouchScope, during the conference. To register for a demo please submit your request below.

JEOL Workshops:

Tuesday 05/23/2017 8:00am-12:00pm

DART, Duct Tape, Dalbergia, Datura and Dimethylone: Forensic Applications of Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART)

Presenter:    Dr. Robert B. “Chip” Cody, JEOL USA, Inc.

Abstract:       Abstract:  Direct Analysis in Real Time mass spectrometry (DART) has now been in use in Federal, State, and private forensic laboratories for more than a decade.  The identification of illicit substances has become a major application, but DART has applications to many other forensic disciplines including trace evidence, fire and explosions, gunshot residue, counterfeit products, illegal importation of products from endangered species, and even questioned documents. 

This workshop will present the principles and forensic applications of along with an explanation about DART data analysis and practical knowledge for analyzing a variety of samples with DART.  AccuTOF-DART data analysis software and examples of almost every kind of forensic DART data will be available for an interactive discussion with the attendees.   The workshop will be tailored to address the specific questions and interests of attendees regardless of their experience level with DART mass spectrometry.

Wednesday 05/24/2017 1:00pm-5:00pm

Scanning Electron Microscopy and its Application to Forensic Analysis of GSR, Paint, Soils and other Trace Evidence

Presenter:    David C. Edwards, JEOL USA, Inc.

Abstract:       This will be a workshop on the basics of SEM and its application to trace analysis for Forensics.  New technologies and their applications will also be discussed.


To schedule a demonstration on the IT100 InTouchScope Scanning Electron Microscope during MAAFS, please submit your information below.