The CRYO ARM Family of Microscopes

Presented at M&M Virtual 2020

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has taken enormous flight in recent years. Atomic level structural analysis of viruses and proteins derived by cryo-EM using SPA workflows requires high stability hardware and software. JEOL proudly announces its latest offering in cryo-TEMs to facilitate this development in cryo-EM with the CRYO ARM™ Field Emission Cryo-electron Microscope. The CRYO ARM achieves unprecedented resolution and stability, thus allowing for the automatic and unattended acquisition of image data for Single Particle Analysis.

In this webinar we present:

  • History of JEOL cryo-EMs – SIX generations of helium cooled microscopes from 1986 to present
  • Trends in cryo-EM
  • The JEOL CRYO ARM - A platform that slots into all existing workflows perfectly with:
    • High resolution
    • Easy to use
    • High throughput
    • Enhanced contrast
    • Autoloader (12 samples)
    • New cryostage and polepiece
    • Omega energy filter
    • Cold field emission gun
    • Automated image acquisition software for Single Particle Analysis

Please also visit our CRYO ARM webpages for additional information and applications notes.

About the Presenters


Dr. Jaap Brink, TEM Biological Applications Manager

Dr. Brink obtained his Ph.D. in 1988 in the Netherlands under guidance of professor Ernst van Bruggen, he moved to Houston, where he worked till 2002 as a research associate, a post-doctoral position, at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas under professor Wah Chiu. He joined JEOL USA, Inc. in September 2002 as the TEM Biological Applications Manager and since 2009 has been TEM Product Manager for Life Sciences.


Dr. Thomas Isabell, Vice President, JEOL USA

Dr. Isabell has been instrumental in the introduction of the JEOL ARM series TEMs and CryoARM TEMs. Prior to joining JEOL in 2003, he held positions in business development at EmiSpec in Tempe, Arizona and applications support at Fischione Instruments in Export, Pennsylvania. Dr. Isabell received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University.

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