Introducing the GRAND ARM™2 (Presented at M&M Virtual 2020)

High Performance Analytical S/TEM

JEOL is pleased to introduce the JEM-ARM300F2 GRAND ARM™2 as the newest offering in the Atomic Resolution analytical Microscope (ARM) Series. Several new features combined with the proven technology inherent to the ARM family of instruments make the GRAND ARM2 the preferred choice for all aberration-corrected electron microscopy needs.

This webinar describes:

  • The GRAND ARM 2 40-300kV Atomic Resolution TEM
  • New cold field emission gun
  • JEOL designed Cs Correctors
  • COSMO Auto-tuning
  • Field-proven aberration-corrected S/TEM
  • New pole piece design yields increased EDS solid angle without sacrificing resolution
  • Mitigation of environmental effects
  • Hybrid HAADF detector with improved S/N and dedicated ABF detector
  • Dual, large-area SDDs
  • Ultimate functionality

About the Presenters


Dr. Patrick Phillips, Assistant TEM Product Manager

Dr. Phillips received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in 2012 from the Ohio State University. Following an appointment as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois - Chicago, he joined JEOL USA in 2016. Previous research projects and current interests include Cs-Corrected STEM/EELS/EDS of metals, battery materials, oxides, and 2D structures


Dr. Thomas Isabell, Vice President, JEOL USA

Dr. Isabell has been instrumental in the introduction of the JEOL ARM series TEMs and CryoARM TEMs. Prior to joining JEOL in 2003, he held positions in business development at EmiSpec in Tempe, Arizona and applications support at Fischione Instruments in Export, Pennsylvania. Dr. Isabell received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University.

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