Utilizing HFX-style NMR Experiments to Assist in Structure Elucidation of Fluorinated Small Molecules

Overview of NMR techniques relevant to small molecule structure elucidation

Fluorinated molecules have continued to become more and more prominent in pharmaceutical, agricultural, and material science applications. Historically, NMR probes and techniques have been mainly focused on acquiring the spectra of hydrogen and carbon. Fluorine's NMR properties provide the chemist both additional tools as well as additional challenges in regards to complete structure elucidation.

This webinar will explore the way NMR probes have evolved over time, showcase a recent breakthrough in probe technology, and discuss additional experimental methods that have the potential to be useful to anyone who is trying to use NMR to confirm structures where fluorine is present.

About the Presenter

Presenter: Tim Bergeron, NMR Applications Chemist

Tim joined JEOL USA, Inc. in 2013 in his current role as an NMR Applications Chemist. He is responsible for training and supporting customers using JEOL NMR spectrometers, producing papers on the newest advances in NMR technology, as well as assisting the sales and marketing groups at JEOL USA. He also attends and gives talks at conferences that focus on topics where NMR has an important role, such as structure elucidation, quantitation, and chemical education.

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