IDES Technology for TEM Seminar

Exploring TEM Phenomena from Milliseconds to Femtoseconds

The primary focus of IDES is about bringing time resolution to Transmission Electron Microscopy.  IDES products cover time frames from milliseconds to femtoseconds.  This includes the Relativity system (seconds to microseconds) and Luminary systems (microseconds to femtoseconds).  However, this seminar will primarily focus on the new Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM), which is a direct result of the IDES and JEOL combination.

Watch this Seminar today to learn about:

  • Benefits due the combination of IDES and JEOL
  • Features of the new Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM)
  • Compact Optical Delivery System (CODS)
  • Relativity Electrostatic Sub-framing System
  • JEM-2100 Time-resolved TEM

About the Presenters

Presenter: Dan Masiel, PhD

Dan obtained his PhD at the University of California, Davis in the lab of Prof. Ting Guo, where he focused on "Static and dynamic structural characterization of nanomaterial catalysts".  After graduating, he founded Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions, Inc. in 2009.

Host, Q&A:

  • Host: Tom Isabell, PhD
  • Q&A: Ruth Bloom, PhD
  • Q&A: Patrick Phillips, PhD
  • Q&A: Bryan Reed, PhD

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