Cutting-Edge Analysis of Industrial Organic Chemicals with GC-TOFMS and MALDI-TOFMS

Latest approaches to mass analysis of a surfactant mixture and tracking of epoxy curing

We showcase the use of gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GC-TOFMS) and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-TOFMS (MALDI-TOFMS) techniques for the analysis of polymeric materials. These methods are illustrated with the composition analysis of UV-curable resins, tracking analysis of epoxy curing, and other examples. In the section of compositional analysis of UV-curable resin, the importance of separation for MS analysis is explained. By using GPC fractionation, the structures of the monomer, photo-initiator, reactive oligomer, and polymer, which were difficult to identify by bulk analysis, were clearly identified. In the section of tracking analysis of epoxy curing, the effectivity of a KMD plot will be presented. Generally, a KMD plot is used for the analysis of the polymer terminal group. In this example, we undertook to reveal the mechanism of epoxy curing. As a result, it was possible to visualize reaction behavior at the initial stage of the reaction.

About the Presenters

Presenter: Hirotaka (“Taka”) Shioji, Ph.D., Manager of Organic Analysis Laboratories in Toray Research Center, Toray Research Center

Taka Shioji received his PhD in engineering from Osaka University in 2006 with a focus on environmental analysis by using GC-MS. Afterwards, he joined Toray Research Center Inc. where he is now in charge of composition analysis of organic materials by using mainly MS techniques, including GC-MS, LC-MS, and MALDI-MS. In 2019 he studied at Akron University in Ohio, to study ion mobility.

Presenter: John Dane, Ph.D., MS Product Manager, JEOL USA, Inc

John Dane graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2006 with a doctorate in applied chemistry with a focus on mass spectrometry. Afterwards, he a took a postdoctoral position at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to study biodiesel combustion. John joined JEOL USA, Inc. in 2008 as an MS applications chemist and supports all MS product lines, which include GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, MALDI-MS, and DART-MS. 

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