JEM-1400Flash Transmission Electron Microscope

Presented at M&M Virtual 2020

JEOL, in collaboration with San Joaquin Delta Colleges School of Electron Microscopy, have setup remote viewing and remote-control microscopy on Delta’s new 1400Flash.  

The 1400Flash is JEOL’s latest offering in the 120kV TEM market optimized for imaging of biological and light material samples. Utilizing JEOL’s  sCMOS digital JEOL camera system this system offers full integration for viewing, processing and archiving of TEM data.  

JEOL sincerely thanks San Joaquin Delta College for the opportunity to present this webinar and provide demonstrations of the new JEM-1400Flash installed earlier this year.

In this webinar we demonstrate:

  • Layout and setup of the TEM; ease of use
  • High resolution/high contrast imaging of a renal sample - navigation to area of sample
  • Advanced automation
  • Outstanding S/TEM analytical performance
  • Elemental mapping with the latest large-area SDD detectors
  • 3D tomography and montaging
  • "Matataki Flash," JEOL's innovative high-sensitivity sCMOS camera that enables high-throughput acquisition of high quality TEM images with extremely low noise.
  • Ultra-wide area montage system
  • User interface fully compatible with SerialEM for tomography and SPA workflows.


Please also visit our JEM-1400Flash TEM web page for additional information and learn more about Delta College, where over 1000 microscopists have received training.

About the Presenters


Kevin Mcilwrath, TEM/STEM Applications Scientist

Kevin has spent more than 25 years of his professional life in support of 120kV to 300kV TEM/STEM and FIB applications focusing on customer training, demonstrations and development of new instrumentation and applications. Kevin has also supported various seminars and electron microscope training courses such as Lehigh University's Advanced TEM course for applications such as Tomography, high resolution TEM/STEM imaging and Cs corrected STEM EDX analytical.


Dr. Jaap Brink, TEM Biological Applications Manager

Dr. Brink obtained his Ph.D. in 1988 in the Netherlands under guidance of professor Ernst van Bruggen, he moved to Houston, where he worked till 2002 as a research associate, a post-doctoral position, at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas under professor Wah Chiu. He joined JEOL USA, Inc. in September 2002 as the TEM Biological Applications Manager and since 2009 has been TEM Product Manager for Life Sciences.

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