No-D NMR: A method for obtaining NMR spectra without the need for deuterated solvents

Tim Bergeron, NMR Applications Chemist, JEOL USA, Inc.

For the majority of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy users today, sample preparation follows a similar path: isolate a compound or compounds from a reaction mixture (or, if fortunate, a pure product), dissolve it in an appropriate deuterated solvent, mix well, fill a quality NMR tube to the minimum required height, place the sample in a sample changer, and submit the sample for the requested analysis.

With No-D NMR, you can realize significant cost savings (depending on the solvent) and reduce the need for purification and workup of samples. Fill out the form below to download our brand new whitepaper and find out more about the benefits of this technique.


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