Advances in Liquid Nitrogen Cold Probe Technology

Overview of NMR cryogenic probe technology and their advantages over room temperature probes

Cold probe technology has entered a mature phase and liquid nitrogen cold probes offer significant sensitivity enhancements over traditional room temperature probes. Using liquid nitrogen as the cryogen affords greatly reduced operational costs compared to Helium cryostat probes. Basically, from an experiment time perspective, a N2 SuperCOOL probe easily does in an overnight timeframe what could take a full weekend, or more, in a room temperature probe.

Examples of routine 1 and 2 dimensional NMR data obtained with this fully broadband probe will be presented including measurements of normally very difficult to access carbon-carbon direct and long-range coupling pathways and J values. Both 13C and 1H detected examples of many useful experiments will be described. A brief overview of the unique and very convenient cryogenics system will also be presented.

About the Presenter

Presenter: Ron Crouch, NMR in Applications

After obtaining his degree from Elon University Ron joined Burroughs Welcome Pharmaceuticals where he had the great pleasure to work with Noble Prize winner Gertrude Elion and many other world-class scientists. The last 9 years at Welcome were further enhanced by having the joy of working directly with Gary Martin.

He left the pharmaceutical industry to more deeply pursue his love for NMR as R&D Manager with Nalorac Corp followed by many years with Varian NMR in Applications until the demise of Agilent NMR. Since then he has been having great fun with JEOL USA continuing to pursue NMR and learn in a very in-depth manner.

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