High Resolution on the CRYO ARM™ - Past, Present and Future

Presented at M&M Virtual 2020

The advent of direct electron detectors led to a dramatic improvement in the resolution of cryo-EM structures, famously termed the “resolution revolution”. This innovation, along with various advancements in image processing and data collection, ultimately brought the attainable resolution for single particle cryo-EM reconstructions into the range where the electron source itself could start to become a limiting factor.  Thus, there was a rationale for considering alternatives to the standard Schottky FEG, such as the cold FEG, that offered the promise of superior coherence.  While the cold FEG was long known to provide certain benefits over the thermally-assisted FEG, practical limitations precluded its adoption in cryo-EM prior to the development of JEOL’s CRYO ARM™ microscope series. In this presentation, I will review our own work on a 200kV CRYO ARM™ and take a brief look toward the future.

Please also visit our CRYO ARM™ webpages for additional information and applications notes.

About the Presenters


Dr. Jana Ognjenović, Senior Scientist at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, NIH/NCI.

Dr. Jaap Brink, TEM Biological Applications Manager

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