Main Aspects and Applications of FAST MAS Solid-State NMR

Basic aspects of FAST MAS SSNMR and interesting applications for pharmaceutical systems

This webinar is intended to introduce the basic aspects of FAST MAS SSNMR and to show interesting applications of such a high spinning regime (≥ 40 kHz) to pharmaceutical systems.

Thanks to the significant enhancement in spectral resolution and sensitivity achieved by FAST MAS, “solution-like” proton-detected SSNMR experiments have become a reality nowadays. Examples of such applications will be presented throughout this webinar.

About the Presenter

Presenter: Federica Rossi, NMR Service & Application, JEOL (ITALIA) S.p.A.

Federica obtained her PhD at University of Torino, Italy, with a thesis on solid-state NMR in the field of crystal engineering in pharmaceuticals. She worked with Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama at RIKEN Institute (Japan) on the development of novel methods to extract structural information from SSNMR spectra under ultra-fast MAS. Federica joined JEOL group in Italy last year as both service and application support.

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