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Tuesday August 3            5-6 PM (EST)

MAS Presidential Science Award - Celebration of Takahashi-san's Career at JEOL

Join us as we honor Dr. Hideyuki Takahashi, JEOL Ltd. The Presidential Science Award from the Microanalysis Society (MAS) in 2021 will be awarded to Dr. Hideyuki Takahashi at JEOL Ltd. for his long-term contribution to the field of microbeam analysis. He has been engaged in R&D and application development of electron probe microanalyzer and soft X-ray emission spectrometer since he joined JEOL. We would like to thank all of the users of JEOL microbeam analysis equipment for this honor. Congratulations to Dr. Takahashi!

Panelists: Vern Robertson / Dr. Hideyuki Takahashi / Professor Anette von der Handt