AutoMAS Solid State NMR for Improved Sample Throughput

Multi-variant analysis of solid state NMR data

In this presentation we will discuss the new JEOL AutoMAS NMR probe for solid state NMR.  The AutoMAS NMR probe allows for improved throughput of solids NMR samples by removing the need to manually change samples or to manually tune the probe to a different nucleus of interest.

The AutoMAS NMR probe is applicable for a wide variety of samples from materials to food related samples. Tips for setup, experiment selection, and data acquisition will be outlined in the presentation.  Simple multi-variant analysis of solid state NMR data will be shown to demonstrate the applicability of the AutoMAS NMR probe to automated data collection of solid state NMR data.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how Auto Sample changes can be applied to Solid State NMR problems.

About the Presenter

Presenter: Michael H. Frey, Ph.D., NMR Consultant, JEOL USA, Inc.

Mike earned his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on Solid State NMR of Peptides. A postdoctoral position at the ETH Zurich followed concentrating on the development if inverse detected NMR experiments for proteins and DNA. Mike Joined JEOL in 1984 as an NMR applications chemist and has held a variety of positions in applications, instrument and software development, and product management until 2020 when he retired as Analytical Instruments Product Manager. He currently lives in New Hampshire and works on expanding his collection of Slide Rules and other calculation devices.

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