An Introduction to JASON NMR Processing Software using a number of worked examples

JASON is the new NMR processing and analysis software from JEOL

JASON is the new NMR processing and analysis software from JEOL Using worked examples, we will explore automatic data processing and analysis, e.g., peak picking and multiplet analysis and use the result to assign NMR data to molecular structures.  

We will demonstrate how JASON makes reporting results easier by gathering all the data in a single place.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about using the JASON software for routine NMR analysis 
  • Learn how JASON can assist with NMR assignments 
  • Learn how JASON can speed up creation of reports

About the Presenter

Presenter: David Williamson, Ph.D., JASON Software Development, JEOL (UK) Ltd.

David obtained his PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Sheffield, UK and worked in the field of Statistical Mechanics for many years before moving into the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance around 2000. He was a senior experimental officer at the University of York, UK, before taking up the role of applications lead at Oxford Instruments In August 2019 he joined the JASON software development team in JEOL.

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