Proton, Fluorine and X: Practical Aspects and Real Life Applications

Originally aired during SMASH NMR 2021

This webinar addresses the challenges and opportunities presented during Fluorine (19F) NMR analysis and how the JEOL HFX probe can be an invaluable tool in these measurements. The discussion features Ron Crouch (JEOL) who will discuss the successful use of isotope shifts for the correct assignment of perfluoro substances, as well as Dave Russell (Genentech) who discusses use of the 3-channel HFX-NMR system in drug discovery.

About the Presenters

Presenter: David Russell, Ph.D., Principle Scientist, Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Sciences, Genentech

David Russell is a structure elucidation scientist with 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Presenter: Ron Crouch, NMR Consultant, JEOL USA, Inc.

After obtaining his degree from Elon University, Ron joined Burroughs Welcome Pharmaceuticals where he had the great pleasure to work with Noble Prize winner Gertrude Elion and many other world-class scientists. The last 9 years at Welcome were further enhanced by having the joy of working directly with Gary Martin. He left the pharmaceutical industry to more deeply pursue his love for NMR as R&D Manager with Nalorac Corp followed by many years with Varian NMR in Applications until the demise of Agilent NMR. Since then he has been having great fun with JEOL USA continuing to pursue NMR and learn in a very in-depth manner.

Presenter: Evgeny Tishchenko, Ph.D., NMR Product Manager, JEOL USA, Inc.


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