MicroCom II -- 24 Hours of Life Science -- An International Event

June 2, 2021 - Recorded

Presenting current research in:

CLEM - CryoEM - Large-scale TEM and Connectomics 
Virus Research - NMR for Pharma -and more

We're delighted to bring you this exciting event featuring noted international researchers including 5 presenters from the JEOL USA community. Register and view more than 20 recorded presentations with Q&A and downloads. 

Speakers include:


  • Bryan William Jones - Moran Eye Center, University of Utah ​​​​​School of Medicine
  • Jonathan Franks, University of Pittsburgh, Center for Biologic Imaging
  • Jana Ognjenovic, NIH/NCI
  • David Russell, Gentech
  • Dan Maisel, IDES
  • David Bhella, University of Glasgow

Image of COVID-19 courtesy of Jonathan Franks, University of Pittsburgh.

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