Scanning Electron Microscopy Seminar

PA3 - Particle Analysis in SEM with JEOL SEM - EDS

JEOL's dedicated Particle Analysis Software automates the detection and EDS analysis of particles, inclusions or grains and classifies this information based on size, shape and composition. It is compatible across our current SEM product line for micro to nano scale solutions.

Applications that benefit from PA3 include:

  • inclusions in metal alloys
  • automotive cleanliness
  • additive manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical products
  • identification of foreign substances
  • forensics (GSR)
  • electronics 

This on demand webinar was originally presented during M&M 2021, and includes introduction and Q&A. You must register to view this overview and demonstration. 

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About the Presenters

Presenter: David Edwards, EDS Product Manager

Dave Edwards has 30 years of experience in SEM including the development of new and novel detectors for SEM.  He is also a member and affiliate of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Chemistry and Instrumentation.  Dave is bringing 12 years of experience as an instructor for SEM and EDS to this presentation.

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