msFineAnalysis AI

AI-Powered Mass Spectral Analysis Software

JEOL’s AccuTOF™ GC Alpha now comes equipped with msFineAnalysis AI, a mass spectral processing software with Artificial Intelligence-powered predictive structural analysis.

msFineAnalysis AI offers a new structure analysis tool for unknowns that is specifically designed for the JEOL JMS-T2000GC AccuTOF™ GC Alpha. This next generation software adds structural analysis capability to improve the overall automatic qualitative analysis functionality that was already available with our previous generation msFineAnalysis software.

This new integrated analysis combines GC/EI high resolution data, GC/soft ionization high resolution data, and structure analysis that leverages the use of two AIs (Main AI, Support AI). These advanced AI technologies allow msFineAnalysis AI to provide a unique automatic structure analysis capability that was not previously available for GC-MS qualitative analysis.

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