Unleash the Potential of NMR with the JEOL ROYALPROBE HFX

Enabling multi-nuclei experiments on standard two-channel NMR Spectrometers

Welcome to the hub of advanced NMR experimentation. The JEOL ROYALPROBE HFX represents the culmination of cutting-edge engineering and innovation, merging the capabilities of the ROYALPROBE and TFH probes to create a versatile and high-performance solution. This innovative merge empowers researchers with the flexibility to perform routine experiments seamlessly, including 1H{19F,X}, 19F{1H,X}, 13C{1H,19F}, and X{1H,19F} experiments. 

To better understand this technology, we’ve developed a digital guide walk you through the ins and outs. Our digital guide takes you on a journey into the cutting-edge world of the JEOL ROYALPROBE HFX. Discover the features, applications, and benefits of this groundbreaking technology that's changing the game for multi-nuclei experiments.

What's Inside:

  • Grasp the Importance of Fluorine NMR: Understand the significance of fluorine in diverse scientific applications, recognizing its presence in pharmaceuticals, materials science, and beyond.
  • Comprehend the Mechanics of ROYALPROBE HFX: Gain a deep insight into the intricacies of the ROYALPROBE HFX, including its integration of dual tune modes and AutoTune extension.
  • Recognize the Versatility of the Probe: Discover how the ROYALPROBE HFX's exceptional performance metrics and adaptability transcend traditional boundaries, enabling a wide range of multi-nuclei experiments.
  • Explore Real-world Applications: Witness the probe's capabilities in real-world scenarios, from spectral assignments to complex hybrid decoupling effects, and understand how it enhances research across various domains.

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About the Instrument

The ROYALPROBETM HFX is compatible with the ECZ and ECZL NMR spectrometers. Download our digital guide to learn more.

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