AMS7032 Operational Qualification of the JAM-5200EBM

New White Paper


In the ever-evolving landscape of additive manufacturing, precision and compliance are non-negotiable in the production of aerospace grade components. Our latest white paper, "AMS7032 Operational Qualification of the JAM-5200EBM," takes you on a journey through the operational qualification process of JEOL's cutting-edge Electron Beam Melting (EBM) machine, the JAM-5200EBM. This document not only showcases the machine's capabilities but also provides crucial insights for researchers, engineers, and enthusiasts in the field.

Readers can expect:

  • Comprehensive overview of the JAM-5200EBM machine and its advanced capabilities,
  • A deep dive into the successful execution of an AMS7032 Qualification ,
  • Review of the JAM-5200EBM produced mechanical and material properties to standard industry specifications.

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About the Instrument

JEOL builds on more than 6 decades of technology leadership in electron microscopy and e-beam lithography with its new Additive Manufacturing technology for 3D printing. Using cutting-edge technology, JEOL has developed an "Electron Beam Metal AM Machine" with high power, high speed, and high density manufacturing.

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