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Meet the New JEOL Lineup at M&M 2017

Booth #708  -  See Schedule of Events Below

Our SMART - FLEXIBLE - POWERFUL SEM and TEM are your top picks for microscopy.

►  New FE-SEM - see the new EXTREME RESOLUTION Field Emission SEM for lightning fast data acquisition, the JSM-7900F, and the JSM-7200F - both are versatile, easy-to-use microscopes for nanoscale microanalysis

►  New InTouchScope Series SEM - Two new High Performance SEMs to amaze you including a NEW High Resolution Large Chamber SEM!  The popular, high performance IT100 will be there, too and the new IT500 SEM will be in the Renishaw booth. 

►  The world's most popular 120kV TEM for cryomicroscopy imaging and analysis, the JEM-1400Plus  will be in the booth - we just introduced the new JEM-1400Flash this summer so ask us about new features of this TEM! 

►  New Atomic Resolution TEM - How could we improve on the outstanding ARM series? Come see us to learn about the new NEOARM

►  New Cryo-EM - the ultimate TEM for protein and virus structure study


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Schedule of Events

Oxford will present "Opening the window - Pushing the limits of low energy EDS with X-Max Extreme" on Wednesday, August 9 from 12:30-1:30 in the JEOL booth.

Register for the Oxford presentation here.  

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Schedule of JEOL Posters and Papers at M&M 2017


POSTER # 51 3:00 PM 97 New Approaches for High lateral Resolution Array Tomography Analysis; Y Yamaguchi; JEOL, Ltd.; M Maeda, Y Kataoka; RIKEN CLST-JEOL Collaboration Center, Kobe; Y Moriya, C Nakayama, T Haruta, M Suga; JEOL, Ltd.; N Erdman; JEOL USA, Inc..; et al.


Room 267 9:45 AM 177 Differential Phase-Contrast Imaging with Reduced Dynamical Diffraction Effect; A Nakamura, Y Kohno; JEOL, Ltd., Japan; H Sasaki; Furukawa Electric, Ltd.; N Shibata; The University of Tokyo, Japan

Room 264 10:45 AM 247 History of JEOL Microbeam Analysis: High Accuracy Analyses for Scientific and Industrial Work from the Centimeter to Nanometer Scale; H Takahashi, H Yamada, S Notoya, M Takakura, T Murano; JEOL, Ltd. Japan; V Robertson, P McSwiggen; JEOL USA, Inc.

Room 122 11:00 AM 258 (INVITED) Correlative Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy in 3D; J Franks, C Wallace; University of Pittsburgh; M Shibata; JEOL, USA Inc.; M Suga; JEOL, Ltd., Japan; N Erdman; JEOL, USA Inc.; S Watkins; University of Pittsburgh

Room 124 2:30 PM 318 (INVITED) Advancing Correlative STEM Analysis Methods for FE-SEM; DC Bell; Harvard University; M Shibata, N Erdman; JEOL, USA Inc.

POSTER # 119 3:00 PM 417 How to Set Up Your STEM for EELS at Very High Energy Losses; I MacLaren, AJ Craven, C Black, S McFadzean; University of Glasgow, Scotland; H Sawada; JEOL, UK Ltd.

POSTER # 121 3:00 PM 419 Near Shadowless EDS Tomography for Sliced Sample Realized by X-ray Collection with One Large Sized SDD Detector; Y Aoyama, I Ohnishi, E Okunishi, N Endo, T Sasaki, Y Iwasawa, Y Kondo; JEOL

POSTER # 140 3:00 PM 438 Structures of Green Culms and Charcoal of Bambusa multiplex; M Kawasaki; JEOL, USA Inc.; V Yordsri, C Thanachayanont, C Junin; National Metal and Materials Technology Center; S Asahina; JEOL, Ltd.; T Oikawa; JEOL, Asia PTE Ltd.; A Saiki; University of Toyama, Japan; M Shiojiri; Kyoto Institute of Technology

POSTER # 221 3:00 PM 519 Complex Web Construction: Additional Clues to Mechanical Properties; D Shattuck; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; W Delise, N Lloyd, J Schmidt, K Baum, D Roos, R Dettelbach, K Sanon; Concord Middle School, et al.


Room 127 11:45 AM 638 Electron Beam Sources Using InGaN Semiconductor Photocathodes for Single-Shot Imaging Electron Microscope; T Nishitani, A Narita; Nagoya University, Japan; S-I Kitamura, T Tomita; JEOL Ltd., Japan; T Meguro, H Iijima; Tokyo University of Science; S Fuchi; Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan, M Tabucchi; Nagoya University, Japan, et al.

POSTER # 248 3:00 PM 785 Performance of Low-kV Aberration-Corrected STEM with Delta-Corrector and CFEG in Ultrahigh Vacuum Environment; K Suenaga; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan; K Kimoto; National Institute for Materials Science, Japan; M Mukai, Y Kohno, S Morishita, T Sasaki; JEOL, Ltd.


Room 132 9:45 AM 897 New STEM/TEM Objective Lens for Atomic Resolution Lorentz Imaging; N Shibata; The University of Tokyo, Japan; Y Kohno, S Morishita; JEOL, Ltd., Japan

Room 266 9:00 AM 944 Way to Reduce Electron Dose in Pseudo Atomic Column Elemental Maps by 2D STEM Moiré Method; Y Kondo, K-I Fukunaga, E Okunishi, N Endo; JEOL, Ltd., Japan

POSTER # 382 10:00 AM 994 Hole-Free Phase Plate Energy Filtering Imaging of Graphene: Toward Quantitative Hole-Free Phase Plate Imaging in a TEM; M Malac; National Institute for Nanotechnology, Cananda, NRC and University of Alberta, Canada; E Kano; University of Alberta, Canada; M Hayashida; National Institute for Nanotechnology, Cananda; M Kawasaki, S Motoki; JEOL, USA Inc.; RF Egerton; University of Alberta, Canada; I Ishikawa, Y Okura; JEOL, Ltd., Japan, et al.

POSTER # 418 10:00 AM 1030 Convenient Optics for High Dispersion Small Angle Electron Diffraction with Highly Coherent Low Dose Illumination; M Kawasaki; JEOL USA, Inc.; M Shiojiri, K Nishio; Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

POSTER # 420 10:00 AM 1032 Accelerating Voltage and Probe Current Dependence of Electron Beam Drilling Rates for Silicon Crystal; N Endo, Y Kondo; JEOL, Ltd., Japan

POSTER # 427 10:00 AM 1039 Damage-less Chemical State Analysis by Using Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy in Low Voltage SEM; Y Sakuda; JEOL Ltd., Japan; M Ishizaki, T Togashi; Yamagata University, Japan; S Asahina, M Takakura, H Takahashi; JEOL Ltd., Japan; M Kurihara; Yamagata University, Japan

Room 127 2:00 PM 1093 (INVITED) Development of High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopes for Analysis of Biomolecular Structure; S Motoki, T Kaneko, H Iijima, Y Shimizu, I Ishikawa, Y Ohkura; JEOL, Ltd., Japan

Room 125 3:30 PM 1133 Development of Fast Pixelated STEM Detector and its Applications Using 4-Dimensional Dataset; R Sagawa; JEOL, Ltd., Japan; H Yang; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; L Jones; University of Oxford, United Kingdom; M Simson, M Huth, H Soltau; PNDetector GmbH, Germany; PD Nellist; University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Y Kondo; JEOL, Ltd., Japan